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I have it stuck in my brain that in the movie Starman (or in some movie like that, but I swear I can hear Jeff Bridges delivering the line in his Starman voice), the space visitor learns about death, and, parroting something someone has said earlier about a machine, remarks, "It was a bad design" or some variant: "It is a bad design," "it was a very bad design," something like that. However, I can't find it or verify it. I've seen Starman and looked for it; I've done Google searches. I thought for five minutes that maybe it got cut from the movie after the original release because it might offend the religious, but it seems like that would at least have left a ruckus-trail somewhere.

Now, my problem with a lot of sf is the Boston Science Fiction Film Marathon, which causes one to drift in and out of wakefulness whilst multiple movies are playing. So, yeah, I could have just dreamed it or pastiched it, possibly, as [ profile] scliff suggests, from Buckaroo Banzai, where Carl Lumbley's black lectroid disparages the ship with those words.

But I really feel like I saw it used for an alien apprehending human mortality. I think it when I am confronted by human mortality. So where did I get it?


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