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Dear Mrs. Obama:
I am getting really annoyed that your husband's campaign thinks my support is less than whole-hearted this time around because my vanity is injured.
Don't get me wrong: I do want my candidates to listen to me and to represent my views.
But I don't care a damn about getting to go the convention or sitting "up front" with you; I don't care a damn about meeting you or your husband in person; I don't care a damn about going to a celebrity dinner as the token voter. I wish your husband's campaign would stop offering me these things; they make it impossible for me to donate, because I don't want to give you and your husband's campaign strategists the idea that this kind of political starfucking is what matters to me.
I want to be "important" to your husband's campaign and administration by helping to give them the political capital to set and pursue and support decent, constructive, progressive, human, honest policy.
And as long as your husband's administration's commitment to such policy is only half-hearted, my support for his campaign will also be half-hearted. I have donated when the appeal didn't insult me, when it was connected with my support for health insurance reform. But your husband did a special video message to supporters back in late 2009 or early 2010 in which he outright lied about his intent to pursue comprehensive reform and a single-payer system. That broke the charm of this whole personal-outreach approach.
I work in marketing, and the cold fact about using "high touch" social media to build relationships with "consumers"--in your case, voters--is that when you lie, when the product doesn't live up to its promises, that lie, that betrayal also feels personal. Probably the biggest thing I am doing for your husband's campaign right now is trying desperately to encourage my friends to vote at all in November. For them, the high-touch disappointment has been so personal that they think refusing to vote for your husband will register as retaliation. You and I know the gesture will be lost in the sea of the U.S.' generally poor voter turnout and the votes lost to Republican efforts to restrict voter eligibility.
If there is anyone in the campaign office who even reads this note, please, please, tell David Axelrod that it doesn't work when you lie.
Close Guantanamo, and stop other human-rights abuses.  Make the case against budget austerity and deficit reduction when unemployment is so high and economic growth is stalled. Prosecute the banks and Wall Street executives who manufactured this economic collapse, and promote tough regulation that will prevent it from happening again. Spend money on schools. Stop the destruction of the social safety net. Commit the U.S. to international accords that reduce human-caused climate change. Give me a better argument to use on my friends than "Romney will be worse."

And for fuck's sake stop sending me invitations. I don't want to hang out with you. I want your husband and his administration to take better care of this country, so I'll feel better about entrusting it to them for another four years.
Thank you for your time and attention.
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