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I ordered these cards in August -- the note from the sender is dated August 18. They arrived yesterday. Everything I get that's made in the 18th-century style ends up arriving as if it had traveled in the 18th-century style, too. So these were probably delayed for lacking the proper tax stamp, or by the circuitous routes of smuggling. But they are gorgeous.

Here is an entertaining review of this deck.

I found them online when looking for an 18th-century tarot deck that would not be plastic and round-cornered. Discovered there's a bit of interest in reproducing the historic decks more historically, and fell for these.

When they got here, the envelope was wet and most of the writing had blurred enough that I was surprised they could make out the address. There was what appears to be a tire track on the back of the envelope. There was also water inside the package, but the cards and their box and the vital replica inner wrapper were all okay.

I had actually given up on getting them at all. The last time I ordered something from a French website, it never arrived, nor did the vendor acknowledge my request for a refund. 


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