Feb. 12th, 2012

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Life is Good

By James Finn Garner

Winter’s been raw as a campout in Banff.
Your new basement walls are moldy and damp.
Your drapes caught fire from a knocked over lamp—
Pitchers and catchers are reporting to camp.

Your check-writing hand's developed a cramp,
Your bills are all due and you ain't got a stamp,
Creditors cling to your neck like a clamp—
Pitchers and catchers are reporting to camp.

Your yard now faces a new freeway ramp.
Your son’s engaged to a gold-digging tramp.
Your “guitar hero” neighbor’s just bought a new amp—
Life is good!
Pitchers and catchers are reporting to camp.

Courtesy of a great site, bardball.com, via another great site, IT IS HIGH, IT IS FAR, IT IS . . . caught

Baseball, like marriage, is about optimism.
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It's been a while since I posted here or read stuff. Basically I use LJ for more personal-type self-revelation and more blatantly political stuff. Farcebook seems to work best for my re-enactoring friends, so it's skewed that way. So I feel like it's safer to check in on Farcebook from the workplace than LJ -- work has a complex of security and Internet policies from which I know they store, and can read, everything I do there, and they also have caused me to sign a document saying they OWN anything I do there, and finally, they also don't really allow personal emails anyway, although they say it's okay if you don't abuse it.
And the big problem with my brain injury is that I can either work full time or do anything else.
More whinge behind cut... )

AND we should be starting the porch-repair project soon. The co-owners want to be able to write checks for the work directly to the contractors, which adds this extra step of collection every time. But it probably won't seem that bad once it's happening. Or it will. I just wish I were someone for whom every unexpected new responsibility didn't throw the whole machinery of life out of whack.
So, that's me: Overwhelmed but hanging in.


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