May. 28th, 2012

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Hi, everybody,
I haven't been reading or posting to LJ much since I got a job last year, because the company (like all my employment adventures) is just generally Not Clear On The Concept (insert any concept you like here), but knows it handles Confidential Individual Health Information, or at least that some of the information it handles might be confidential and/or individual and/or health and/or information, so we are not allowed to have any illusion of electronic privacy at work. Not that I had much of it anyway, but, for instance, the company has set up our Internet browsers so that we can't dump our own cache and cookies, I guess in case they want to know where we've been. Since I've kind of reserved LJ for the most personal of my public postings, I don't look at it while at work, and since working full time basically uses up 110% of my waking energy, I haven't checked in much from home.

It is probably one of the reasons I feel pretty lonely these days, though, paradoxically, also exhausted by too much (im)personal interaction. Semi-personal interaction? Whatever you call the way I conduct myself in workplaces where my real interests aren't involved and I'd have to be stupid to reveal my actual personality.

I've been trying to resume aikido, but it's hard when you're 54 and have been inactive for eight or nine years. So it's sort of practice, practice, injury, wait, practice, practice. Is it good news that my current injury came from a fall while out walking rather than on the mat? Dunno.

Anyway, I'm still working on trying to fix the financial/tax/business/household mistakes/messes/disasters I have created over the past five or six years, the difference being that lately I've been making some progress. Maybe someday I'll be human again. It could happen.

Take care, all.


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