Jun. 6th, 2012

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Did you ever hear the one where you're complaining about roommates or coworkers who don't clean up after themselves, either literally or figuratively? And the advice is, "Oh, if you leave it long enough, they'll clean it up."

Really? Has this ever worked? Or does it always lead, as it has in my experience, to sinks full of dishes that accumulate, stinking, until there's nothing clean in the house from which to eat or drink, and champagne flutes stained with milk-dregs spinning webs of exotic molds under the bed?

Seriously, who comes up with this shit? Here in the season of college graduations and etc., let me share this wisdom: there is a lot of bad advice out there. And if someone tells you that you should just let the dishes, literal or figurative, build up until your bad roommate washes them, just recognize that it would probably be really easy to steal things from them. If only they had anything you wanted.

Meanwhile, the television has just treated me to the image of Frontline as tiny green ninjas slaying fleas in a forest of canine fur.

Bad dreams

Jun. 6th, 2012 01:01 am
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In other news, I recognized a few years ago that I actually can run; my powerful sense-memory that something goes strangely wrong when I try is in fact an artifact of my sleep disorder. I dream that I am running, but my hypnagogic malfunction is such that I am aware of the sleep paralysis, with the result that I can actually feel in my legs the sensation of trying to run and being unable to.

This afternoon I realized that I've also never had a car with brakes so mushy that I had to stand on them and hope the car would stop before it hit the car in front. I've never had the mushy brakes fail so badly I had to run the car off the road to keep from hitting another vehicle, or rear-ended the car in front of me at a light.  It's basically the same physical phenomenon happening in a dream whose narrative has me driving instead of running.

And that weird thing where I'm walking, only I can't get my left leg to work right? Ditto. These things do not happen in my real, waking life. These are dreams.

But, like, damn. They feel like real memories. So even though the nose surgery did a lot to reduce my waking hallucinations (the dog almost never turns blue anymore) apparently I'm still having some kind of breakthrough awareness of sleep paralysis. I have no clue whether it's also why my legs hurt so often. But it's a good question, isn't it? Another good question is, what the hell else do I "remember" that's merely hypnagogic hallucination? Argh.


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