Jun. 25th, 2012

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Just watched the first episode of The Newsroom. It was a fantasy aimed right at my heart: That we could go back to having real news on TV just by wanting it badly enough. It was this whole hour of Sorkin-perfect romanticization of what I actually thought my career was going to be like, filled with the people I used to work with, tastefully aged downward 20 to 40 years, with Sam Waterston playing a Roone Arledge/Don Hewitt type that was already archaic when I started working 30 years ago, complete with bow tie (and bottle in the desk drawer.)
I guess I wish I'd just been so very very good at teh journalism that I could do whatever I wanted and save everything, but even Keith Olbermann, Sorkin's muse, can't actually keep a job, and he more or less is that good.
Fucking Sorkin also apparently believes in True Love, which is apparently mostly found at work, because who else cares enough about your obsession with work?
Whole thing makes me feel like I lived the wrong life. A lot of things do. But I swear I tried to live the right one. And I'm still trying to find it.


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