Jun. 28th, 2012

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So, today Mr. Scliff and I took Glory to New England Veterinary Oncology Group, in Waltham. They just seemed more ... approachable ... than Angell on this. The vet, Dr. Cronin, should get an Academy Award® for her delivery of complex, distressing medical news; she has the voice of a female Edward R. Murrow without the cigarettes, this very measured Midwestern narrative style.

And we decided -- well, Mr. Scliff decided, because in the end the cat is his boon companion -- to try the more aggressive protocol, at least for a few weeks, to see how Glory and the cancer each respond to it. So we got to bring home a cat, some meds, and a little flickery fragment of hope. She had a subcutaneous prednisone-like steroid and l-asparaginase, and we get to feed her prednisone pills twice a day. The instructions say we might see the beginnings of improvement in a day or two, which would be encouraging.

I had a few moments of fearing I'd be fired when the appointment took more like two hours than like one hour away from the work computer, but it looks like I wasn't.
And then I got to have breakfast and finish my coffee.

Glory is a very laid-back cat. So she is mostly being very chill about all this -- curious about the car, curious about the vet office, voluntarily hanging out in the crate while we talk to the vet. She's been not-eating and diminishing in size the way sick cats do -- Dr. Cronin observed that cats are space aliens in fur coats, just not cognate to humans even as much as dogs can be, health-wise. So I feel like cats just sort of melt from the inside when they are sick. But she hasn't seemed very much bothered by the rapidly-increasing lump-things that are the cancer in her lymph nodes; it's more this systemic fading. So basically we have no real clue right now, but are trying something.

And now I get to look all the meds up on line. And then go get my car inspected. Except, damn, I'm just so sleepy. Ah, somatization. I am you.


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