Jul. 7th, 2012

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Hoo-boy, does it suck to be out of shape. I am trying (yet again) to resume my morning workout. Most of my life I've done 100 situps and 100 pushups each morning, plus a variety of other things. Right now, I can't do TEN pushups. And I already do the sissy kind, from knees, because I've never had the strength to do them on toes. I am VEXED. The upper-arm strength is so poor that I'm looking at other exercises to start with, using weights, to build up the biceps and chest muscles until I can do the pushups. Damn, damn, damn.

But I am hoping that at least by trying, I have a chance of getting back to some level of fitness and strength, and also not look like quite such a fat old bag-o'-farts on the mat when I get to aikido. I'm still having to sit out parts of each class because I just don't have the strength or the breathing capacity. And that's not going to get better on two practices a week, alas.

The fun part is that after three days of this I am starting to want to drag the stationary bike up from the cellar and add some cardio to the effort. If it's going to be all global-warming and heat-wave and asthma-warning out so much of the time, I can forget using the dog as cardio training partner (unless I decide to get a treadmill we can both use, and I'm considering it -- she's smart but I can't figure out a way that she could reach the pedals on the stat. bike) (for those who have not been following the saga, the dog has a collapsing trachea and we have to balance building her lung capacity against not stressing it; pushing her in the heat is streng verboten) and I guess habit is strong -- after I've warmed up with the floor exercises, my body is starting to ask for its cardio exhaust-a-thon. Unfortunately, the bike has quite the weighty wheel, and it wasn't me who put  it in the cellar. And then there's the aforementioned sucky upper-body strength. Maybe I could remove the wheel and bring it up in two pieces...?

Second PSA: If you're going to get out of shape, don't let someone put your cardio bike in the cellar when you live on the third floor.


Jul. 7th, 2012 11:35 am
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Anybody know a) why my LJ has taken to displaying everything in bold italic?
b) how to make it stop?
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OK, this one I knew was a dream! I dreamed last night that I was back married to my ex-husband, and was packing a U-haul trailer that was way too small to drive him back to Toronto to finish his philosophy PhD at U of T, which he abandoned in the 1980s. And [livejournal.com profile] frobzwiththingz and [livejournal.com profile] klingonlandlady were helping, which is funny because I don't believe they even know my ex. I suspect they were there because of an earlier LJ comment from Phil about dreams of paralysis, like, my dream was letting me know I knew it was a dream.

Phil had developed a computer space-utiization-and-furniture program that estimated that we would need two full-size moving vans, and he pointed out that this made it very unlikely everything would fit in the small U-Haul trailer. But, like almost all dreams involving me suddenly being responsible for my ex again, I had been dropped down in the situation without a clue about how I got there or how responsible I actually was, and it appeared I was going to have to find my way out using the undersized trailer to transport the oversized amount of stuff.

Plus, I had my dog, and somewhere along the line my ex had acquired a jowly, slobbering pit bull/boxer/Rottweiler type beast, and someone was arguing that we should put the two dogs in the U-Haul.

The dream sort of resolved into my using new tools to solve the problem, which was kind of a cute metaphor -- we decided to transfer all the books to eBooks, even though it meant buying a Kindle for some of them and an iPad for some of them, and to put the stuff that my ex would not be using in Toronto into storage.

But when I woke up I felt like I had two or three different lives in storage, and I wanted to get them all out!
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Glory has not eaten since Wednesday. We saw the onco-vet on Thursday; we had just given Glory an appetite stimulant, so she got chemo and we got told to wait to see if the appetite stimulant worked. Last night she still hadn't eaten, so Mr. Scliff called the on-call oncol and got a prescription phoned in to CVS for an anti-nausea pill. We've now given Glory two doses of the anti-nausea pill and she still hasn't eaten. Scliff's plying her with two kinds of canned food at each meal, warming them in the microwave, sitting with her and the food, etc. She is not interested. Now she is wandering around the house like she can't find a comfy spot. This is a hard day in cat lymphoma care. Scliff is mixing some food with warm water to see if it will interest her.


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