Jul. 8th, 2012

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Two weeks ago I decided I wasn't going to be fat any more. There's so much to weight and body image and energy that's perspectival, and so much that isn't. But I think what I meant was that I would go back to eating the way I have eaten in the past when I was not fat by my own standards. (I am always fat by the BMI charts but I am okay with acknowledging a somewhat nonstandard build and musculature.) I sort of have two metabolisms; the fat one and the not-fat one. I've been stuck in the fat one a long while now. So I guess that what my decision meant was I would try living as if I were having the other one. This does not always work or anything; but sometimes it works.

It might be working this time, thanks in part to the heat wave, I'm sure. I weigh two pounds less than I did when I made the decision.

So, to recap: I am finding a way to work daily floor calisthenics into my schedule to try to resume strength, and I have done something to my eating without becoming a notable fanatic about it that has caused the loss of a couple of pounds. It would be good for my longevity if I could keep this trend going.

I think I am going to have to look into hauling the stat bike up sometime next week. If I can convert even half an hour of boring time to cardio each day, it will be an improvement.


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